Why to join us?

Membership conditions

Membership of IWCEA France is open to all French-speaking companies (French, Belgian, Swiss) that participate or plan to participate in Wire trade shows. These are companies that are part of this industrial fabric that ranges from conductive wires & cables to armatures and other products based on metal wires (steels and other mechanical applications).  

We are also happy to welcome people from the academic world or those attached to economic centers linked to this industrial ecosystem. IWCEA France is a partner of CIMES. 

For further information on membership of the association, please contact our partner associations for Germany, Austria or France.


Membership in our partner associations gives you many advantages :

  • Events and training (interculturality, support for digital and digital transition).
  • Individualized subsidies for international development (marketing & commercial actions outside trade fairs).
  • Individualized subsidies for the fairs of our partner Messe Düsseldorf.
  • Exchange of experiences and development of contacts during dedicated events.
  • Joint development and research projects.
  • Assistance and representation of interests at major trade fairs abroad.

The life of the association

The members of the association (18 companies) meet at international fairs and at two annual plenary sessions (including our general assembly). The two annual meetings take place over two half-days (afternoon + evening and morning) in Lyon, which allows for a particularly convivial exchange.