Our engagement

The Düsseldorf show is by far the one that most mobilizes the “Wire & Cable planet”. Its attractiveness is considerable. It is the essential exhibition for our industry and our partnership with Messe Düsseldorf gives us the means of action.

A l’occasion de cet évènement majeur « naturel », notre association encourage la gestion des clients et prospects : accès gratuit aux moyens d’enregistrement des badges, réduction du coût des invitations avec en plus un forfait de 30 entrées gratuites pour encourager l’animation de nos réseaux commerciaux autour de cet évènement.

For other shows abroad, we facilitate the grouping of member companies (common islands, French pavilion), from a minimum of 6 exhibitors, or we participate in the cost of the installation (in proportion to the m²) . We can also organize a joint stand to offer access to the show at minimal cost.

International success requires a good intercultural understanding and we offer two annual meetings on this theme, in connection with the agenda of trade shows or according to market trends (countries with growth). These meetings take place in Lyon.  

Come & meet us at these shows

We will be happy to welcome you at various fairs and exhibitions around the world.