Our purpose is the dynamic of our international members. This animation gives rise to meetings, sharing of experience and even the pooling of resources to facilitate access to Messe Düsseldorf partner lounges on all continents.

We are also working to ensure that the various well-targeted markets are approached by organizing conferences on various topics such as the key difficulties related to setting up in the target country (local financial circuit, legal system, identification of actors and specific practices).

For several years now, the association has been emphasizing interculturality. Indeed, cultural issues and their understanding are essential to the business world to facilitate and succeed in technical and commercial missions. 

Two intercultural meetings take place each year, along with targeted market studies to give maximum visibility to the potential of the countries chosen, generally for their remarkable economic growth.

Our association can also, on a more occasional basis, organize customer meetings abroad thanks to one or more business partners already established and part of the network of our members. Each company can present its products and services there. These are generally meetings very focused on technical solutions.

The association also allows the grouping of members' interests vis-à-vis the authorities, public law communities and other organizations and bodies, in the context of participation in certain foreign trade fairs.

The advantage of such an approach is to pool efforts and facilitate contact. Together we go further.

Our multidisciplinary approach saves considerable time thanks to familiarization with the environments of the sector under consideration. 

IWCEA is more than just a fair organizing association. It is the spearhead of an alternative and effective business strategy that advocates cooperation, information sharing and the pooling of its members' efforts.

Our approach is resolutely conquering; it knows how to pool information to better take advantage of the diversity of its members, which is a powerful economic intelligence mechanism.