Welcome to the website of Internet IWCEA France, the French-speaking association which brings together industrial companies, intermediaries and all other companies which develop, produce and market their products and services for the yarn production and processing industry and metal cables.

This association was born from the desire of European exhibitors (french, german and austrian) to better manage the promotion of their industry internationally, in cooperation with a major organizer of trade fairs, Messe Düsseldorf.

IWCEA International is the partner association of Messe Düsseldorf. Its office brings together the presidents of the three associations (France, Germany and Austria). National associations are partially funded through the international structure. 

Our Purpose

This is the dynamic of our members internationally.

This animation gives rise to meetings, sharing of experience and even the pooling of resources to facilitate access to Messe Düsseldorf partner salons on all continents.


Créée en 1988, sous le nom d’Association des Exposants à la foire Internationale du Fil et du Câble (AFIEF), l’association prendra sa nouvelle dénomination en 2003, à savoir:

International Wire & Cable Exhibitors Association – France and French-speaking countries (IWCEA France and French-speaking countries).

Portrait of the President

Generalist engineer by training with a course partially carried out internationally and completed by an EMBA (EM LYON – 2020).

A commercial executive within CONDAT sa for more than 25 years, he has been involved in the association since 2010 in the role of treasurer and on the market research committee.

One of his favorite subjects: intelligence and data management (commercial and marketing).



Enjeux interculturels, mutualisation des efforts, savoir-faire complémentaires.

The Office

Vincent ASFAUX
Conductix Wampfler
Cathy DIETRICH Numalliance Secretary
Véronique GREUSSET ISIS Treasurer