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Diamond die manufacturing

1.12.1 Repairing and machining drawing dies
1.12.2 Polishing drawing dies
2.2 for extruding
2.3.1 Diamond drawing dies
2.3.4 Polycrystalline drawing dies
2.3.5 Enamelled drawing dies
2.3.7 Cleaning, repairing and polishing drawing dies
2.3.9 Tube and rod drawing dies

Opt for Quality, Optimise your production time and reduce your costs.
BALLOFFET’s quality ensures accurate compliant surface finishes, diameters and technical characteristics, for all your wire drawing requirements.

Revolutionary manufacturing keeps BALLOFFET and their customers on technology’s leading edge.

BALLOFFET’s product range includes natural single crystal diamond dies from 6µ to 2.5mm, synthetic single crystal diamond dies from 6µ to 1 mm, polycrystalline diamond dies from 25µ to 28 mm, compacting, stranding and special shaped dies, enamelling guides, extrusion tooling (guides and dies), special tooling with diamond insert.

Moreover, BALLOFFET uses its knowledge of dies, its experience on dies and its capability to design equipment in order to manufacture the most efficient repolishing machines.
These ‘user friendly’ equipments are the results of permanent research and development.

BALLOFFET manufactures and markets the types of machines used in-house at BALLOFFET plant for the repair of diamond dies.

In its product range, BALLOFFET also developed AUTOMATIC repolishing machines to increase the productivity and optimise the return on investment.

BALLOFFET is very well-known to have machines still running after more than 30 years in-use around the world.
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