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Expert, Ferrous Group

For many years now, we have also created a ferrous and non-ferrous experts group composed of people linked to our industry who recently retired. These experts groups advise and support our members and can also take in charge some heavy files like new countries prospecting. With a chemical background, Mr. Paul Meignan worked during 30 years in the lubrication field dedicated to the metal deformation (drawing, extrusion, cold-heading, forging) within 2 companies : Rhodia and Condat. He worked in the Research and Development department, as well as in the Marketing and Sales department with a large export penetration. Through this long experience he developed new products as wet lubricants for steelcord applications, as solid lubricants or none-reactive surface treatments dedicated to dry drawing for all steels.
Today he still keeps contacts with these markets as the Manager of the Ferrous Experts group and treasurer of IWCEA France association.
Responsible of the ferrous experts group Paul MEIGNAN
Pavillon 4
26 rue de la Noyera
38090 Villefontaine

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