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Manufacturing of varnishes for enamel wire

4.12.11 Enamels/resins for wire insulation

Operating since the late 1930’s, IVA is one of the world leading wire enamel manufacturers. Originally known under the name of Alsthom, then Alcatel and nowadays Essex Nexans, IVA markets its own products world-wide through an efficient and supporting sales network located close to magnet wire manufacturers.
Based in France, the manufacturing site exhibits a production capacity of 25,000 MT/ year and enable IVA to serve its partners wherever they are located in smooth deliveries. Its new operation with highly computerised production system allows to meet the toughest and highest quality requirements as well as high consistency. The company is ISO 9001 certified and provides its internationally recognised products to meet the most stringent requirements of standards such as IEC, NEMA, JIS. IVA wire enamels are also recognised under the UL file number E 142381. Our several grades cover the whole range of varnishes including PolyAmideImide, PolyEsterImide, PolyUrethane, PolyEster, PolyVynilActoformal and self bonding.
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