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Agir Technologies
Mouton Rivom
Manufacturing of tools for the wire industry and manufacturing of special machines

1.1.1 Standard casting
1.5.5 Deburring, peeling, upsetting
1.12.1 Repairing and machining drawing dies
1.12.2 Polishing drawing dies
2.2 for extruding
2.3.2 Hard metal drawing dies
2.3.3 Ceramic drawing dies
2.3.7 Cleaning, repairing and polishing drawing dies
2.3.8 Cold upsetting and blanking drawing dies
2.3.9 Tube and rod drawing dies
2.4 for rolling
2.6.6 Shape rolls
2.7.1 Flat cores
2.7.2 Round cores
2.10 for chipless shaping

MOUTON is one of the European leading manufacturers of Tungsten Carbide tools for the Wire & Cable Industry : drawing dies, shape dies, extrusion tools, wire guides, etc…
With more than 40 years experience, MOUTON designs and manufactures grinding machines and machines to repair tools, in particular Tungsten Carbide drawing dies from 0.1 to 30 mm
MOUTON has also developed a complete range of shaving machines for ferrous and non-ferrous wires

MOUTON belongs to the AGIR TECHNOLOGIES group, with RIVOM company, the Worldwide leader for its complete range of tools for metal forming, from the very simple drawing die to the compacting die and very complex punches.
President Jean-Pierre FERRET
B.P. 53
21220 Gevrey-Chambertin

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