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production of fine wire

4.5.3 Wire ropes, wire strands, cables

Inserlec is specialised in the manufacture of very fine conductores composed of single wires which diameters can be as small as 0.0254mm. The conductores can be composed of 7 to 127 stranded fine wires which can accomodate very thin wall insulation as well as different mechanical applications. Inserlec manufactures stranded conductors made of bare copper, tinned, silver or nickel plated, bare or plated alloy, bronze, pure nickel and silver, hard and soft wire. Inserlec mainly serves the Cable Industry, and the conductores are used in many fields like medical, automotive, aeronautics, military, robotics... Inserlec manufactures stranded conductors according to customer's specifications, whatever the quantity, from few filos to several tons.
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