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Thermo technologies Group
Wires, Strands and Ropes made of bare or Silver or Nickel Plated Copper and Alloys

4.2.2 With metallic coatings (zinc, tin, copper, bronze etc.)
4.3.2 Nickel
4.3.3 Copper
4.3.4 Brass, bronze
4.4.2 Gold, platinum, silver
4.5.3 Wire ropes, wire strands, cables
4.5.12 Wire products for use in the automotive and aircraft industries
4.6.1 High-voltage cables
4.6.2 Low-voltage cables
4.6.3 Communication cables
4.6.4 Computer and control cables
4.6.6 Marine cables
6.3.1 Wire products and supplies
6.3.5 Bare Wire, Rod and Wire Ropes

FSP-one belongs to the Thermo Technologies group, and is a specialist of plating on metallic parts, ribbons or wire.FSP-one provides customers within the field of wires made of copper, copper alloy, copper clad steel or aluminium, plated with silver, nickel or gold.
FSP-one offers electrolytical plating of silver, nickel and gold, drawing of plated or unplated wires up to very fine size (0.02 mm), stranding, flattening, or assembling of those wires and specific annealing process.
FSP-one products are mainly used within a wide range of wires and conductors, including aeronautics, space, Hi-Fi, medicals, telecommunications, geophysics, music, as well as other applications using components for electronics, electrotechnics or decoration.
FSP-one is the right partner of all the major industrial companies using electronical conductors for high-technology.
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