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Conductix Wamplfer
Delachaux Group
Machines manufacturing for the Cable, Bare Fiber and Fiber Optic Cable Production

1.6.1 Coiling, winding
1.6.2 De-coiling, unwinding
1.9.2 Cable sheathing and insulating
1.9.3 Stranding
1.9.4 Twisting, bunching
1.9.7 Cable extrusion machines
1.12.6 Plant for the manufacture of glass optical fibres
1.12.10 Fiber colouring systems/plants

Conductix, Delachaux Group, is a Worlwide leading supplier of equipment dedicated to the fiber & cable Industry.

Conductix designs and produces technologically advanced plug-and-play type equipments
- for the manufacture of glass & plastic fiber optic (drawing tower, prooftesters, coloring units, POF extrusion line, etc.)
- for the manufacture of fiber optic cables (loose tube line, microtube line, OPGW)
- for the manufacture of copper cables and especially LAN cables (Rollertwist stranders, taping lines, etc.).

Conductix product range also includes many other ancillary equipment such as pay-off, taping and binding units, caterpillar, capstans, take-up, etc.

Condutix has several OEM sales agreements with other leading machine manufacturers.

Conductix is also very well-known for its capability to up-grade almost any cable & fiber equipment
Business Unit Director Jean-Luc MAGNIN
30 Avenue Brillat Savarin
B.P. 39
01300 Belley

Tel: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)
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Headquarter : IWCEA France - c/o Conductix - 30 avenue Brillat Savarin - 01300 Belley, France - Tel : +33 (0)6 20 20 17 80 Fax : +33 (0)4 79 42 50 05
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